Monday, 31 May 2010

fairground rides

inspired by one of my favourite quotes on 'the inbetweeners'. unfortunately had to be scanned in two parts so its got a dodge line through the middle but hey ho. here's a ferris wheel. i really enjoyed drawing out the type.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

various location

some location drawings from last term. location isn't my strong point but here they are nonetheless.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

happy families

jeremy kyle happy families. these are individual cards cut out from an A0 screenprint of 45 different characters from the show. the cards are linoprinted on the back. the names and stories on the cards are the genuine characters. will put up a picture of the A0 print as i think it looks nicer than the individual cards but i cant figure out how to take a bearable picture of it yet. it took a very long time to make and gave me knee problems. fun stuff. worth it though for the hours of jeremy kyle i got to watch as research...

love that show.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

some olives and a fool

i am currently doing a project on food. not entirely sure where it's going yet but it will be fun to find out. these two items were pretty much the entire contents of my fridge yesterday. gooseberry fool's have to be one of the greatest foods ever created

Monday, 10 May 2010


tiny book produced in response to a project where we had 16 words to choose from to inspire us to make a story. i picked 'scarecrow'. the result was 'hic'; a 16 page tale about a lonely scarecrow who eventually makes friends thanks to the help of a hiccuping crow. deep stuff.

i limited myself to using only two colours for a challenge. not sure why i chose yellow and purple, they are my least favourite colours. probably wont happen again


screen print for a second year project entitled 'ephemera'. i based it on a collection of chocolate coin wrappers i have had for a few years. it is still to be embossed with hallmarks representing the worth of each coin to me. there are also some ordinary coins in the image to show how personal value is different to monetary value.

sketchbook hands

some not hugely interesting drawings of hands. just for practice

meat pig

i like bacon, a lot. so when we were given a one day project simply entitled 'pig' it made sense to make an homage to pork in general. it is a comment on how pigs are born and bred entirely for one purpose; to be dinner. 'meat pig' here, as he was nicknamed, is a life-sized piglet made from raw bacon and sausages and is the love child of me and the marvelous miss sophie h powell. who might i add; is a vegetarian....

we were heartbroken to have to leave him in a bin in fairfield park after 3 days of him sat in the fridge

tooth pirates print

linoprint created for a print project entitled 'accidents' in the first year. it was the pre-cursor to the tooth pirate book.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

tea diary

a tiny book created for a personal project in first year, it is a diary of tea. what i drunk, where and when for 7 days. i sewed it together by hand, which taught me a thing or two about sewing through card. don't. it hurts

tooth pirates book

a personal project from my first year. it is a story for a proposed children's book about a little boy who does not brush his teeth properly and as a result tiny pirates come and steal them in the night to make tiny little pirate houses out of them. bad stuff. always brush your teeth.