Wednesday, 24 November 2010

the end is nigh

short group animation project. i worked with the lovely Marin Matsuo and Dawn Smit and we produced a short animation on overpopulation. these are some stills, i will add the link as soon as we have uploaded it. the images are made on photoshop using scanned individual stamped pictures of the small buildings. it was great fun to produce and i'm quite pleased with it! collaborations are fun!

Sunday, 14 November 2010


so we might have a little 'zine on sale soon. a collaboration of some of the many talented illustrators in our class. and there will be some postcards too. a bit of a multipack kind of thing going on. anyway, theme is 'obsession' so of course, first thing to spring in to my mind was food! i do love food. its true. and categorising things, only unnecessary things. and organising them into pointless grids. i do like grids. its very difficult to draw anything not into some form of grid at the moment. and it will be screen printed! i do also like screen prints. mmm categorised food grid screen print...